Get the same financial metrics institutional investors use to gauge your company

Peer Group of Amazon, Apple, Google and Yahoo on iPad Air showing Gross Margin and Free Cash Flow

WorldCap provides you with key performance indicators, fundamental data and analyst estimates of your company and your peers.

Identify potential investor questions

Watch for financial metrics standing out to identify potential questions or concerns about your company before your investors and analysts ask them in your next meeting or conference call.

Convince your investors

Benchmark your company against your competitors based on any of the over 160 financial figures and ratios built into our app. Explain to your investors why your company might be their best investment.

Don’t worry about foreign currencies

Your competitors might report in a different currency than you. No problem, our app converts foreign currencies automatically.

Discuss market expectations

Discuss sell side analyst’s estimates of your company and your peers with your CFO and investors. We provide up to 25 estimate types for each period including EBIT, EBIT margin, dividend, dividend yield, payout ratio and operating cash flow. We offer estimates from Reuters, IBES and other sources.

Choose from multiple data feeds

WorldCap has been designed to be compatible with the majority of data feeds available. You can even import your own financial statements into or our app.

Create charts faster

Our powerful charting tool dramatically decrease the time it takes to create meaningful charts.

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